An At-Home Urinalysis Monitor for Expectant Mothers

On average, Obstetricians suggest three doctors visits during the first trimester,  three visits during the second trimester, and eight visits during the third trimester (up until the child is born). Much more than that, many of these visits will require a urine collection sample that will be tested in house via-dipstick. As a mother's belly expands throughout the months, using the standard catch cups is not ergonomically friendly and becomes very difficult. 

How can an expectant mother test for possible pregnancy complications in a simpler and faster manner at-home while reducing the amount of doctor's appointments? 


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Existing Products

The pregnancy test is an uneventful user experience as the test is short and straight and forces the user to stick their hand near the rim of the toilet. On one hand we have the urine collection cup. Difficult for women to use while squatting over the toilet, using one hand to hold the cup, the other to hold up their shirt, and bending their head down to make sure they are aiming correctly.

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