Patients with diabetes find it difficult to maintain their routine care in addition to tracking events that may lead to further health related situations. Not being able to efficiently track one's lifestyle while living with diabetes was their major concern.


In order to live their best and fulfilling lives, it was important to create a user-oriented system that would support a healthier lifestyle. Those living with diabetes are focused on long term goals and therefore need a way to track their way of life. This meant creating interactions within the mobile app to keep the user engaged such as creating health notifications with suggestions, snapping a photo of their meal instead of logging it ingredient by ingredient, and being able to send reports to their healthcare provider when needed.

Tracking their lifestyle to prevent future problems with nudges to push them into positive and healthy choices to manage their diabetes was the ultimate goal.


Sketching, Interviews, Visual Design


Illustrator, Adobe XD, Photoshop


3 months

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