IdeaLab 2018

A two day design-marathon put on by the Rochester Institute of Technology and in partnership with Rochester Regional Health where students from different backgrounds gather to solve problems.

The Problem

Rochester Regional Health (RRH) came to our team with a problem: a blood glucose monitor they use on patients falls off prematurely before collecting needed data. This device is a new take on glucose monitors. Discrete and small--it sits behind the users upper arm for up to 10 days, taking glucose samples, and sending that information back to RRH. Due to exercise, preparing for the day, and even slipping on and off a backpack, this device is prone to falling off without warning. 


Our team did not want a patient limited in their everyday lifestyle. We ideated a patch that would sit on top of this glucose monitor that held different layers within itself. A thermal cooling layer, moisture wicking layer, and a "chameleon" layer on the top. The thermal cooling layer prevents excess heat from building up and allowing sweat to seep under the monitor and loosen the adhesive. The cooling layer helps prevent a humid environment from accumulating, while the chamleon top layer will be able to blend itself to the skin tone of the user.

Now What?

We are currently working with RIT and RRH to receive funding for research, prototyping, testing, iterating,  and beyond.

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