My team and I were given this project under Studio930, a student-run Industrial Design Consultancy specializing in medical access technology. Our client, Dr. Jaeger of Rochester Regional Health approached our team with an idea to help improve the speculum, in turn improving the experience of a vaginal exam.

The current design of the speculum is notorious: blunt edges, vaginal pinching, uncomfortable metal sensation, and much, much more. Dr. Jaeger's patented solution incorporated the use of an endoscope to examine the vagina, with the help of a redesigned tampon-sized speculum. This shortens exam time, decreases intrusiveness for the patient, and improves the overall patient/examiner experience. Our job was to verify his design through intensive research in addition to refining the aesthetics of the medical instrument.



Team Lead, Research, Interviews, Sketching

Team Members:

Maria (Gachi) Guerrero (Industrial Designer)

Mizuka Yasuda (Industrial Designer)

Lily Benzer-Shuman (Engineer)


5 weeks

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