This project allows the user to create their own monster at random. How this works is the user will physically interact with a plaster casting of a mouth by swiping up, down, and sideways to interact with cubes that react to the information from the mouth casting. If a user swipes up a monstrous body part will begin to grow out of the top of a cube, to swipe down, shrinks the size, swiping left cuts the body part off the user can put it to the side, and swiping left switches from cube to cube.


Concept Development and Prototyping


7 days


1. No digital tools allowed in the making of prototype
2. Topical navigation
3. State transitions
4. Critical Physical Behaviors


Choose the desired length of your monsters tongue.

Random body parts will sprout after interaction with mouth casting.

Body parts can be removed and used to create a custom monster.






Using Format