Digital dating or meeting people through dating applications such as Tinder, OkCupid, etc. is most common among North Americans within the mid-20’s through mid-40’s. With its continued reputation and canonical place in popular culture, meeting people has moved from face-to-face interaction to behind a glass screen. Now, the use of human interaction and the body (e.g. flirting and touching) is an overlooked part of digital dating.

The purpose of Shivr is to bring back the tactile sensation and excitement of meeting people. But forces users to think twice about who they may be interacting with.


Concept Development, Research, Sketching, Model Making, Graphics


6 weeks


Phallic objects will pop out when it receives a notification from a dating application. In order to interact with this product the user would squeeze or lick the phallic object to send feedback to the phone.


Design Concerns.

These ideas are extremely obvious and exclusionary to different sexualities and identities.

Users are going to vary, and this product should not solely be about the phallic shape but focus on a more all-encompassing and diverse form for all interests.

Because of it’s obvious and anatomical appearance, the product turns into a kitschy, over sexualized toy.


The more I thought about it, dating apps are notorious for hookups--it is a door easily opened to new sexual partners. The second round of ideas stemmed from the dangers of contracting an STI.

Dating applications offer a number of problems: users tend to misrepresent themselves on profiles, harassment is common and so is manipulation. In short, users do not know who they really are interacting with.




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